The issues of the AfCFTA agreement in Tunisia and its impact on the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT)



Date Issued:

November, 2021


Mohamed Faical Kadhkadhi, Mongi Smaili and Hedi Dahmene

This research is an exploratory study of the possible effects of the implementation of the AfCFTA agreement and its impacts on the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT). Using two maps on the issues at stake in the AfCFTA agreement in Tunisia, a SWOT matrix is developed for research purposes and used to design a trade union monitoring framework. This framework can serve as a basis for the UGTT’s perspective on the AfCFTA agreement. The agreement poses major challenges for the UGTT in terms of the attainment of decent work, the informal economy, immigration, and again through the profound changes in the post-COVID-19 period and the role of climate change, which together risk compromising the UGTT’s responses in the short term and its sustainability in the long term.